One of the most important things you can do when it come to living a holistic and well life is to have a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast doesn't necessarily mean BIG breakfast. You can have a filling and healthy breakfast without a lot of calories and fat. Below are some suggestions for a healthy start to the day.

My Healthy Breakfast Food Ideas

  • A cup of low fat yogurt with mixed berries, sprinkle of nuts with a slice of whole wheat bread and green tea
  • Oatmeal makes the best breakfast item. Add milk (I prefer one of the nut milks), honey and a fruit preferably strawberry, apple or poached pear to it.
  • Breakfast Burrito with whole wheat tortilla, scrambled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, spinach and onions with green tea laced with honey
  • Adding honey, nuts, strawberry and almond milk to a bowl of your favorite unsweetened cereal is also a healthy breakfast option.
  • Try whole wheat muffin topped with boiled egg, slices of pineapple and low fat cottage cheese served with a glass of fresh orange juice
  • A slice of whole wheat bread, yogurt with banana and berries along with a cup of green tea
  • Whole grain pita bread stuffed with grilled chicken or turkey, mushroom, low fat processed cheese, tomatoes, capsicum and a small glass of cashew or almond milk.

This is the first step to getting fit...adding a healthy breakfast to start your day. It' doesn't have to take a lot of time. Take a few extra minutes in your morning to fuel your body properly! For more ideas on healthy eating get my "Eating The Rainbow E-Book". It's Free!

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